The 7th Annual Festival of Life - creating a health future - now!  Saturday 25th September 2010


Forthcoming: 2010
Sunday 7th November: Conscious Film Night, Thames Ditton, Surrey

Sunday 7th November - Alternative Vegan Festival
8th Oct to 7th Jan 2011 - Royal Society of Medicine: Exhibition on Herbals

Saturday 20th March - Brighton Vegan Fayre
Thu-Sun 3rd-6th June - Sunrise Celebration - Bruton, Somerset
Sunday 13th June - Picnic in Brockway Park, Brixton, London
Saturday 17th July - Portsmouth Green Fair
Sunday 22nd August - London Permaculture Festival
Fri-Mon 20th-23rd August - Sunrise-Offgrid Transition Gathering
Sunday 5th September - Urban Green Fair - Brockway Park, Brixton
Saturday 18th September - Brighton Incredible Veggie Roadshow
September 18-19-20th - Out of the Ordinary Festival - East Sussex
Saturday 25th September - Festival of Life - Conway Hall, London - that's us !
S/S 23/24th October - Festival of British Fruit
S/S 23/24th October - Pathways will be at CAMEXPO at Olympia

- Events in 2009

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The 6th Annual Festival of Life - creating a health future - now!  Saturday 26th September 2009

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