Programme in: FOX ROOM - upstairs from Foyer Summary 20142013
Jag Reeves - Soul Plan Reading
A Soul Plan reading takes you into the spiritual map of your life. Each human life is a cosmically ordered journey to greater expression and this is unique to each of us which is reflected in our Soul Plan. This system of self discovery is based on your name at birth and also looks at the resonance of the name you use now and whether or not this supports you in your life. A Soul Plan reading offers an empowering strategy for life which will change your perspective on your whole personal experience. At least one live sample reading will be offered and questions will be taken.
Jag Reeves is a Spiritual Coach, Counsellor and Healer who for the last 10 years has helped people to live more fulfilling, happy and purposeful lives. He uses various tools to help expand people's awareness and consciousness, bringing about positive change for all.
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